December 2nd, 2016

Arabic Talent Show

On December  2nd, 2016 I attended the Arabic Talent show in the Thurman J White Forum building at 630pm. The night began  with a buffet of delicious food and friendly chatter. I was a little nervous about attending this event because I was going by myself and was not sure I would know anyone there. I found a few friendly girls and sat at a round table with them.

The show began with a Khaleeji folk dance. The costumes were colorful and the movement was exciting. The crowd was very involved, clapping to the music and cheering for the dancers. I am not very familiar with Arabic culture but as a dance major I am quite familiar with dance so this was a nice opening piece for me. Dance allowed me to find a connection into a piece of the Arabic culture.

Throughout the show, there were many videos, songs, poems and stories about Arabic culture. It was sometimes difficult to follow the few pieces that were not followed by an English translation or accompanied by English subtitles. Even though I could not understand every word, I was amazed by the beauty of the language, especially during the poem presentations. I learned about the courtesies and hospitality of Arabic culture in the “Arab Hospitality” and the “milk and milk” video.

My favorite pieces from this show were the dance performances and the final drum duet. The dances pieces allowed me to connect to the Arabic culture in a personal way. The drum piece was exciting and engaging, the entire room seemed to ignite during this final piece, the energy around the audience was inspiring.

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