October 28, 2016

Diversity Event Performance

On October 28,2016 the modern dance department attended a diversity event sponsored by the Engineering college. Dance groups from around the University performed on an outside stage at this event.

Our piece, choreographed by our dance professors was based on the experiences of women in oppressed countries. My professor found her inspiration in news articles, books and personal reflections of women who have found strength even in the most horrific circumstances. Another piece the dance department presented was a reflection of the recent events in our culture in America. This piece featured three of our African American male dancers, the intention of the piece was to portray the hardships and discrimination that minorities may face in American society.

After we performed we watched the rest of the show, seeing pieces from different groups on campus.  The piece that struck me the most was an Indian cultural dance. The wardrobe was absolutely exquisite, incredibly detailed and colorful. The movement of these dancers was  upbeat and happy, there was a communal aspect to the choreography. The dance was a introduced as a traditional worship piece, based on the worship practices of Indian. This dance was full of joy and community, and a beautiful way for me to find a connection to the Indian culture.

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